The area of the 7th is where all of the things that simply do not fit in any other department of the Lab are developed and stored.

The items in this area are purposefully created from scratch within the Lab, and most of the time their behaviour and properties are extremely unpredictable.

That is why everything stored in here is unique and reasonable.


Location: Area of the 7th

Size: Variable

Composition: Unsure, but they pretty much cover the full spectrum of materials

Description: These items sometimes grow and change shape; other times, they are just simple objects with very special characteristics. What they all have in common is the fact the each one of them casts a shadow that is different from their actual shape.

Notes: In the Area of the 7th, there have been numerous attempts to match shape and shadow by changing the position of both the subject and the lights.

We also tried to find reasonable matches and organize the process. Labs generally love finding patterns.

It has not yet happened.

  • object #1
  • Object #2
  • Object #3
  • The Bycicle