Location: Lab

Size: Variable

 Here is where high-tech devices are built and stored.

The Tech department contains the finest items, built sometimes for the sake of experimenting, other times for specific purpose, such as, for example, carrying a cloud where it’s needed.


Category: Factory

Location: The Lab-Tech department

Device: 190 cm x 65 cm
Cloud cage: 100 cm x 50 cm
Clouds: Small enough to be transported

Composition: Lots of high-tech materials. Most importantly, they have to be very, very clean.

Description: The Cloud Factory is a beautiful concentrate of technology that produces the right amount of friction in order to create baby clouds that, once put in place, will eventually grow and behave appropriately for the respective environment.

Notes: By design, this device always follows a very specific, precise procedure. Once running, however, it produces shapes that are always different and impossible to anticipate.

  • cloud factory-stage 1
  • cloud factory-stage 2
  • cloud factory-stage 3
  • The science behind


Category: Device

Location: The Lab-Tech department

Like a large human being when fully extended

Composition: Latest A.I. ( Ambivalent Intelligence ) installed into self-growing hardware with hypersensitive receptive surfaces; all materials were developed but mostly found in the Lab.

Description: This phenomenal device has been built for the sole purpose of learning. It will continue doing that forever.

Notes: Because sooner or later it will learn how to open any door, the Learning Device is free to go wherever it wants within the Lab. This could eventually cause some problems once it learns how go through the main gate, given that it has already figured out how to run.

Another thing it might do is to decide to unlearn things that it considers useless. This raises some practical and philosophical questions as it could also learn to decide not to tell us anything about its decision.

Its never-ending curiosity is connected to an internal clock that is set to run extremely slowly. This should, therefore, take some time.

Unless, of course, it learns how to speed it up.

  • The Learning device
  • Learning device - The great learning
  • Learning device - Concept
  • Learning device - Frame prototype

T.N.P. Transporter of Natural Phenomena

Category: Storage and Transport

Location: The Lab-Tech department

Storage room: 100 mexpandable
T.N.P.: Expandable, between 50 m3 and 300 cm3 depending on the cargo

Room: Walls
T.N.P. : Highly variable constraining frame, stereo camera eyes and a very compact nuclear thruster

Description: Once created or collected, some natural phenomena need to be stored and often delivered. This facility was created for that purpose. The T.N.P. is a vehicle capable of not only moving fast but also containing items of extremely varied energy without collapsing along the way.

Notes: The T.N.P. could be considered a much simpler version of the W.U.F.I. The main differences concern the complete absence of any A.I. as its work is merely to go from A to B.

The T.N.P. doesn’t care, the W.U.F.I. does. But the T.N.P. can contain and carry a star, the W.U.F.I. can’t.

  • T.N.P.-Transporter of Natural Phenomena
  • T.N.P. Transporting a storm
  • T.N.P. transporting a star
  • T.N.P. Composition

P.E.B.-Portable Environment Box

P.E.T.-Portable Environment Transporter

Category: Storage and Transport

Location: The Lab-Tech Department


P.E.B. 42 x 23 x 95 cm each

P.E.T. 40 x 35 x 120 cm



Outside: Deep space insulation material and some generic stuff found in the lab

Inside: Universal weather-resistant material and environments ready to be deployed


Super light aerospace materials, encapsulated nuclear engine and camera with singular crossed eye



At the Lab, we managed to create, compress, and contain all kinds of natural environments. The Portable Environment Boxes are a practical solution for storing and carrying them. It is still not clear where the P.E.B. will be delivered but it has been decided that it might be necessary. And, in any case, we could not resist making them.


This spectacular peace of engineering begins by downloading the coordinates on a random basis. As the Universe is vast enough, the P.E.T. will eventually find a place to deploy the environments.

The device will also set its speed chaotically, ranging from very slow to immensely fast.

The P.E.T. is equipped with a music player that never works.


Once delivered and opened, the boxes deteriorate, leaving space for the environment to fully grow according to the surroundings.

  • The Boxes
  • Portable Environment Box - Mountains
  • Portable Environment Box - Sea


Category: Factory

Location: The Lab-Tech department

Machine: Big enough
Room: xn

Composition: Heavy metals and engine equipped with the elements needed to create a basic planet with a basic atmosphere

Description: The Planet Factory is where basic planets are created. The machine used for this proposal includes an extremely sophisticated engine that injects the right amount of each element at the right time. These elements are, in order:

Notes: The aim of these experiments is merely to study the basic behaviors of planets without needing to bring an actual one into the Lab which, after some consideration, we found to be a bit impractical. Before starting to build the planet, we take care of its core by placing a small sun, also produced in the Lab, in the center.

  • Planet factory-Machine
  • Planet factory-stage 1-Soil
  • Planet factory-stage 2-clouds
  • Planet factory-stage 3-atmosphere


Category: Factory

Location: The Lab-Tech department

Room: 17 m2
Star at acceptable size: 21 cm diameter

Composition: 1 string of contained energy passing through a small gravitational field

Description: The procedure is quite simple: An inconceivable amount of energy is channeled through nodes to meet a gravitational force that starts growing a little star.

Notes: The node material was accidentally created in a failed experiment. The acceptable size of the star is usually small enough to hold it with two hands, which is not possible. The process is so beautiful that one person at the time can sit and watch.

This experiment has been pretty stable so far.

  • star factory


Category: Communication

Location: Assembly: the Lab-Tech department
Delivered: some places in the universe, including Earth

Phone: 60 x 30 x 30cm, without pedestal

Composition: Not-so-common high-tech materials, customized to handle any kind of environment and gravity

Description: The Phone is the communication device of the Lab. It’s been designed and built to allow:

1) Local communication between departments of the Lab
2) Communication between different places in the universe
3) Communication between all of the above and the W.U.F.I.

The dials on this beautiful device are intended to be very practical so that you don’t waste time contacting the wrong recipient and you don’t necessarily need fingers to use it.

Notes: The Phone is equipped with a cutting edge antenna that provides faster-than-the-speed-of-light communications. Because of that, messages can get through black holes without being lost or distorted.

Also, if the sender and recipient are close enough, it can happen that the message arrives before it is actually sent.

  • The Phone