W.U.F.I. (What U Find Interesting)

Category: The Device

Location: Moving

Size: 1 m3

The structure of the W.U.F.I. is made of four main sections:

1) The Body
Its body is 1 m3 and contains all the tools needed to activate and process data.

2) The Eyes
These devices are able to capture pictures and videos of the subjects being investigated.

3) The Nose
This device is how the W.U.F.I. ‘smells’ any kind of signal coming towards its position in order to direct itself on a path towards the source.

4) The Mouth
This device is how the W.U.F.I. sends out signals.


The W.U.F.I. is 1 m3 of pure electronic enthusiasm.
At its core, there is an edgy motherboard that enables all possible kinds of passive interaction with the environment. The W.U.F.I. is designed to not interfere with the natural balance of things. This is impossible, but it’s a reasonable starting point.

The W.U.F.I has been designed to be completely autonomous for n number of years and its core is equipped with a self-comfort function; this is sometimes useful when in deep space. (Its artificial intelligence is an impressive technological achievement with a built-in encoding and editing device to capture and guess.) The W.U.F.I. will detect what is peculiar and interesting and send back the data to Earth.

Notes: The W.U.F.I. is made of several components, not to mention the dedicated software, all of which are connected to each other in order to create 1 m3 volume plus some extensions.

It is relevant to stress that both the building and the assembling of this amazing device followed a very peculiar procedure. The process went back and forward from basic engineering to completely experimental, resulting with an unpredictable outcome that eventually generated singular behaviors.


The Story

The first project of the W.U.F.I. was a total failure, there’s really no point talking about it.
The second attempt as well.

The third time the Lab tried something different, which was, basically, talking to each other. The result was the first successful prototype that did not spontaneously disintegrate after few minutes.

From there, the LAB produced seven devices, all completely identical, each one behaving completely differently.

Here is the data from each launch:

Total devices: 7
Device numbers 1-2-3: Lost in space
Device numbers 4-5: Sent a short “goodbye “ message
Device number 6: Kept trying to come back home (did not succeed)
Device number 7: The one and only

What happened

Device numbers: 1-2-3
Lost in Space
There’s really not much more to say about an object that is lost in space.
It’s lost.
In space, which means that it’s not like one day you find it somewhere else; the very concept of “where“ is quite tricky if you are familiar with the universe.
If you are not familiar, it’s the same.

Device number: 4-5
Sent a short goodbye message
2 devices sent indeed 1 message each
The first one came at around 11.30 one morning and is classified, like everything else.
The second one was received at midnight, every day from Monday to Friday, for a week.
These are also classified; the only thing that we are allowed to tell is that the last one of them, on Friday, finished with this phrase: “…in case you did not get the previous 4 messages.“

Device number: 6
Kept trying to come back home (did not succeed)
This device spontaneously U-turned from its locked path through the galaxies and tried to get back here.
We could actually monitor the coordinates and found out that they were aiming not for the launch station, but instead for the facility where Number 6 was assembled.

We also think that that’s the only reason why it couldn’t land, as the on-board computer was somehow inclined to accept the idea of getting back to ground zero, but really could not figure out why the device gave directions to a place that is few miles away, and obviously not equipped with any landing dock.

Number 6 kept on trying for several days, bouncing on and off the stratosphere until it eventually decided to turn itself off nearby satellite currently used for music radio stations.

Device number: 7

The One and Only
W.U.F.I., the One and Only, also known as The W.U.F.I., was in fact the only one that kept going without any hesitation and – if you can ever apply this word to a very sophisticated piece of high-tech engineering – with a certain level of enthusiasm. It is indeed still running around the universe, sending back all kinds of data.

The W.U.F.I., or as many call “ the-one-and-only,“ is on a path to discover the unknown. There were no particular instructions on how long and how far it has to go; the only rule was plain and simple: check out WHAT YOU FIND INTERESTING.


Messages from the One and Only

The first incoming messages from the W.U.F.I. were things like this:
-All good here-
-Everything working fine-
-All systems check: fine-
-On path, no need for corrections-
…and so on.

After few months, we began receiving messages a bit more out of the ordinary yet still appropriate, considering that we designed the motherboard system with the capacity to articulate sentences that would eventually evolve to contain a certain level of “virtual empathy.”

Here is where all communications from and to the W.U.F.I. are stored:

  • WUFI