There are things in the universe that behave in a unique manner.

The Lab has been able to collect some evidence of these subjects.

In order to make sense of what is being observed, first the W.U.F.I. and then the Lab must pretend that the laws of physics as we know them can be ignored at one’s convenience.


Category: Singularity

Location: Many

Size: Nn

Composition: Everything

Description: If you are familiar with the latest studies of black holes, this is something else. This essentially behaves in a completely opposite way; this is possibly the most comfortable place in the universe.
Nothing that can exist – including galaxies, forces such as gravity, and even time – experiences any kind of distress or alteration. In one word, safe.

Notes: As with black holes, the bright ones are still under investigation. Yet, taking for granted that we may be wrong, these are the kind of singularities that really make you want to jump inside.

The W.U.F.I. did contemplate the idea for a while, then left.

  • Bright Hole


Category: Singularity

Location: Few places in the universe


Composition: Anything captured from their surroundings – although “surroundings” hardly applies to an object that doesn’t have depth.

Description: The Flat Hole is a black hole. The only difference is that this particular kind has no depth.

This means that, unless touched on its flat surfaces, this incredibly powerful concentrate of energy doesn’t affect its surroundings at all.

Notes: This one belongs to the very unique group of the “most dangerous things in the universe,” yet you could literally be one centimeter away from it and not feel a thing.

  • Flat Hole


Category: Singularity

Location: So, so far

Size: Roughly 3.7 billion km diameter

Composition: As many suns as planets

Description: Over billions of years, this peculiar solar system organized itself in a way that is different to what we might expect. Instead of one star as center of gravity, every planet in this system has its own little sun that orbits it.

Notes: This structure seems to function quite well and the balance of masses keeps everything in order. As dedicated stars, each sun also provides the right amount of energy for the individual planet.
We believe that instead of creating major explosions at the end of their life, the suns simply switch off, allowing all other stars and planets to continue existing without any trouble.

  • Inverse solar system


Category: Singularity

Location: Few places in the universe

Size: 7-9.1 billion km diameter

Composition: A sun and planets orbiting around it

Description: This is like any other solar system but with one peculiarity: the light works in a reverse manner. The sun in these systems only cast shadow, while the surrounding environment and the opposite faces of the planets are in bright light.

Notes: So far, it has been impossible to analyze the compositions of these particular stars. They are not cold; they simply do not have any temperature at all. Being basically made of a pitch-black matter, it is also very tricky to understand their position and size.

  • Reverse sun