Here you will find all the life forms collected along the W.U.F.I.’s journey so far.


Category: Specimen

Location: Planet One of Each

Size: The size of an elephant

Composition: Everything a regular herbivore mammal would need

Description: The Allephant is the perfect example of nature’s efficiency. Being on Planet One of Each, this unique specimen had to adapt to be completely self-sufficient. Its body, therefore, includes everything needed: water, grass, heat, air, and so on.

Notes: The Allephant, the only one of its kind, might be able to reproduce itself when needed. Nature, though, usually functions in a more linear and simple way. Therefore, we think this specimen is immortal.

  • The Allephant


Category: Specimen

Location: Box Planet

Size: 50 cm3 + tail

Composition: Orthogonal cells

Description: The Box Snake is a box, snake.

Notes: While flying above the surface of the Box Planet, the W.U.F.I. saw this very peculiar specimen. Once landed, it was immediately clear that the Box Snake was quite perplexed by the visit. After some time, it was also clear that the specimen was having some issues in moving, which possibly made him perplexed in the first place.

  • Box Snake


Category: Specimen

Location: Several places in the universe

Resting: About 17 meters diameter
Exploding: ….

Composition: Space matter and cells

Description: This nice specimen was found by following multiple traces of immense energy. When resting, the Supernova drifts in space with a certain relaxed and joyful attitude until it falls asleep and explodes, generating the amount of energy of millions of stars. The process reverses, of course, once Supernova wakes up again.

Notes: The W.U.F.I. was lucky enough to get close during the resting time and had to move away pretty quickly to witness the explosion, which created some camera interference. We believe that this particular specimen is probably the most relaxed of all that we’ve encountered so far.

  • SUPERNOVA-approaching
  • SUPERNOVA-asleep and exploding


Category: Specimen

Location: Split Planet

Size: Average size of a crocodile

Composition: Some things attached, others not

Description: The Confetti Crocodile is a classic example of a specimen for which normal is a concept related to a particular environment. It is a crocodile and behaves like a crocodile, but some of its parts are detached from its body and float around it.

We think that some of these are actually some kind of hypersensitive detectors of the surrounding. Other parts, like the eyes, are just floating eyes. We also think that its nose trigger some kind of light gravitational force.

Notes: Most of the time, the Confetti Crocodile seems to be enthusiastic.

  • confetti crocodile approaching
  • confetti crocodile


Category: Specimen

Location: At one edge of the universe

Size: 7 meter high

Composition: Unknown

Description: The immanent drift at the edge of the universe.
It looks like it is always about to happen, yet we were never able to witness the event. It is still unclear whether this specimen would represent a threat. From its expression, however, it was clear that it is not used to having company.

Notes: The W.U.F.I. tried to communicate with the Immanent but only managed to create a sort of distrust. We were able to conclude, however, that this particular specimen is somehow extremely important for the balance of the entire Cosmos.

  • Immanent approaching
  • Immanent-close by
  • Immanent - too close